About Mark Litzler

Mark Litzler

When people think of Mark Litzler, they think of either the man behind the Joe Vanilla cartoons or the caring administrator who has been in charge of helping hospitals raise funds and get donations. Mark is a man with passions ranging from healthcare and helping people in need to drawing cartoons that have been published in various newspapers and magazines all over the country. Mark has been able to successfully pursue both his love of art as well as his desire to help people through his work in administration in schools and hospitals around the country.

Mark Litzler began his career in social administration after he graduated from Cleveland State University in 1983 with a B.B.A in Marketing. Using the skills he learned during his undergraduate studies, Mark began working for St. Ignatius High School in Cleveland, Ohio right out of university as the Alumni Director overseeing the alumni giving program. While working the St. Ignatius, he was in charge of providing staff support for the $3 million capital campaign, as well as preparing for the school’s Centennial Celebration.

After working for St. Ignatius for three years, Mark Litzler began working for Case Western Reserve University as an Associate Director in their Major Gifts division. While working for Case Western, Mark was simultaneously studying at the school and working towards his M.S in Social Administration. Mark was at Case Western, both working and studying, from 1986 to 1990. After Mark left Case Western, he worked as the Development Director for the University of Missouri – Kansas City’s medical school, setting the tone for the next step of his career.

Currently, Mark Litzler is the Executive Director of the St. Luke’s Foundation in Kansas City, Missouri, and has been since 2001. He was previously the Executive Director for the Truman Medical Center Charitable Foundation in Kansas City and has been able to bring his experiences and success over to his current position. Mark is in charge of fundraising, marketing, and investing for the Foundation. He makes sure that everything is running as smoothly as it should.

Along with his career in social administration, Mark Litzler holds a number of other things close to his heart. He is a nationally published cartoonist and has been featured in newspapers, magazines, and books around the country. His Joe Vanilla cartoons take a light and hilarious look at modern life within the walls of corporations and are instantly connectable due to their accuracy. Mark is also a passionate fan of fitness and culture. He has run 7 marathons and enjoys music, cinema, contemporary art, and literature. He is also married with 3 beautiful children.